Terms & Conditions

These General Terms & Conditions regulate the purchase of services performed remotely via telematic network on the website www.acqualiawellness.it of HOTEL MARY S.R.L. hereinafter “Hotel Mary”.

The Client, by sending electronic confirmation of their purchase order, unconditionally accepts and undertakes to observe in his dealings with Hotel Mary the general conditions and payment terms transcribed below, declaring that he has read and accepted all the information provided to him in accordance with the law.

1. Object:

On the website www.acqualiawellness.it you can purchase Vouchers with which you can choose ONLY later when to take advantage of the spa experience or specific treatments, as well as Gift Vouchers to be given to another person.

1.1  Voucher and Gift Voucher

The Voucher is an electronically generated document from Hotel Mary which offers its holder the possibility of using the services provided therein.

The Gift Voucher allows the consumer of the service to also be a person other than the purchaser, it is a product/service that can be destined as a gift to a third person. The reservation and use of the service may be made within a period of 12 months from the purchase and in accordance with the prescriptions and limitations set out below.

In order to use the service, it is necessary to book in advance at the head office to check date and time availability.

Telephone booking is MANDATORY.

The voucher must be handed in by the beneficiary at the reception of the Hotel Mary at the time of the use of the services.

2. Payment methods

The Client may pay for the services by Visa, Mastercard, American Express credit card.

The Client will be directed to the page of the website of the bank institute that owns or manages the online payment service to which they will communicate their credit card details via a secure connection against unauthorised access. 

3. Free Cancellation

Free cancellation is provided up to 12 hours before the date agreed upon at the time of booking.

In the event of cancellation without rebooking or after 12 months from the date of cancellation, you lose the right to the performance of the services and there is no refund of the purchased service.

In any case, there is no refund after the service has been used.

4. Personal Data Protection

The person placing the order consents to the data declared at the time of the order being processed and stored by Hotel Mary when processing the order, as well as used for statistical purposes, market research, promotional initiatives and sending advertising material, including through the use of electronic mail.

5. Information and Complaints

For any clarifications or complaints, Hotel Mary may be contacted by phone on +39 081 801 55 35 and +39 081 801 64 18 or by e-mail at info@acqualiawellness.it.

6. Use of the Wellness Centre

There may be contraindications and risks associated with the use of the wellness centre facilities, and in particular the sauna, Turkish bath and whirlpool bath, in the event of cardiovascular or renal diseases, hypotension, etc., as well as in the event of pregnancy. If the client, aware of the risks, decides to use the purchased services anyway, the hotel is relieved of all responsibility for any illness and/or discomfort and/or any physical damage of any kind that may occur to the undersigned person as a result of and/or due to the use of the wellness centre.

7. Stay

For the “Shower Massage” and “Sea of Steam” treatments the dwell times are: 12 minutes.

The internal temperature varies between 40°C and 60°C. Relative humidity varies between 90 and 100%.

For the “Cali Sauna” the dwell times are: 12 minutes.

The internal temperature varies between 80°C and 100°C. The humidity ranges between 5% and 15%. To increase the humidity, water is thrown on the hot stones.

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